New Concept of Liquidation Services

With the reconstruction of our website we try to develop a new way to buy and sell used equipment. Is a concept which we take a step forward. We do that for those users who find us on the world wide web. Or for those who find us in another ways. Its a concept and like all concepts is free for everybody to use. Basically is the same thing that we do before but we manage to do some improvements. It is buying and selling in a liquidators style but in an easy way.

We try to focus only on our customers needs.

This is the first rule. Because that we migrate to the WordPress platform. And is exactly like they say it is on "WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time." And is search engine friendly.

It is exactly what we want: a website easy to use with a decent look. We do not try to make the most beautiful website. We think we waste time. And that time we use for our clients. And with the minimal prices for design we manage to focus on prices that we offer to our customers. We think our clients love most a great price that a good looking website.

We try to move fast.

This is the second rule. So giving a price offer to our customers in a short time will save some of their money.  And the beautiful thing is that we pay cash for your equipment. And only in a few working days.

And dealing with the whole range of equipment, from test equipment to network equipment and computers we cover all the segments in this expanding market. We think in a simple way. In a depression were a lot of companies try to survive they have to move fast and have a lot of cash money. So moving fast and paying cash is what our customers want. And if the customers are happy then we are happy.

Simple things are the best

We want to be on the internet so you can find us. And in almost all pages we will put a quote form so you can send to us your equipment. And we excuse if we have some similar content in some pages. This is not what we want but some thing like this could appear..

We use services from Copyscape so our content to be unique. Because we don’t want to copy the competitors or to be copied. It hard to talk about cheese without saying the word cheese. Its hard to talk about network liquidators or test equipment liquidation without the use of the same word like everybody. But we manage that.

Future development

Like we said we love internet because it makes us closer to our customers. We try to solve problems and develop new content on some pages. And we already take a step forward and start creating another websites designed especially for you and your needs. A new website for every piece of market.

Some easy steps to get cash

Few steps to sell or buy. Its very simple. First you have to find us. We are very sure that you find us. After that you send us a quote request with your assets which you want to sell or buy. Or maybe trade. Its up to you and your needs. And we will contact you in the shortest time for the prices and the other formalities. 



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